McDowell County Commission

Welch,West Virginia

About the McDowell County Commission

  • The McDowell County Commission is a corporation created by statute and can do only such things as authorized by law, and the mode prescribed.

  • The county commission consists of three commissioners as prescribed in Section 22, article VIII of the Constitution of the United States . The county court shall hold four regular sessions in each year at the courthouse there of, at such as may be fixed upon and entered of record by the court.

  • The county commission, through its clerk, shall have all the custody of all the deeds and other papers as presented for record in McDowell County and the same shall be preserved therein, or otherwise disposed of as now is, or may be prescribed by law.

  • They shall have jurisdiction in all matters of probate, the appointment and qualification of personal representative, guardians committees, curators and the settlement of their account and in all matters relating to apprentices. They shall also, have the superintendence and administration or the internal police an fiscal affairs of the county, including the establishment and regulation of roads, ways, streets, avenues, drives and the like.

(For a complete overview of duties of County Commissions in WV, please see “Mischie’s West Virginia Code Annotated” (Volumes 2A Chapters 5A to 7)

Drive Through Videos


War Fall Festival 2008

Every year in War, WV they have a fall festival and Dwane Muncy/Cucumber & Co. provides sound and DJ services. In 2008, Dwane also brought his camera to capture some of the on-goings and people of his hometown, and put together this short music video.

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